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Discussion in 'New To Reef Peeps?' started by Guiltyofbelieving, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Guiltyofbelieving

    Guiltyofbelieving New Reefer

    Hi! My name is Isabelle! Most people just call me Izzy. I am a writer, mermaid, musician, and artist from southwest Virginia. I have also kept freshwater fish for about four or five years now; however, while researching for my saltwater tank, I realized how many mistakes I have been making. So with that out of the way I am here to learn!

    I decided to go with a reef tank. As of today I have done a lot of research and bought a 40gal breeder, 10gal sump, and
    I have almost everything I need to set-up my tank.

    I have a basic knowledge of saltwater fish, but when it comes to inverts and corals I am a little lost. I hope I can find more information here and from the looks of it, I will.

    I am excited to be here and I look forward to meeting y’all!

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